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Orphanage Upper Primary School, Padinhattummuri is one of the leading schools of the district, with a strength of more than 600 students, and teachers. This school maintains 18 class rooms, including three rooms for the English Medium batch. There is a well-equipped computer lab with twenty computers. There is also a smart class room with a project.

Separate coaching classes are held regularly to help the under achievers and talented students . Coaching classes for USS Scholarship Examination are also held effectively

Special training is given to prepare the students for Work Experience Fair. There is also a Tailoring Institute for girls , being run by the P.T.A . In a addition to that, training in book binding is provided to the boys.

Clubs like Science Club, Mathematics Club, Social Club, Astronomy Club Nature Club, Health Club, and English Club are very active and students get enthusiastically involved in their programmes. Special coaching is also given for football athletics and cycling. A well efficient teacher is appointed for providing such training. In brief , the school is rapidly progressing to reach new heights.

A digital class room facilty has installed here in the school. Through this facility students enjoying interative classes in different subjects, we are thinking our school is the first aided primary school in our district which installed this facility. The great support of parent students, students, teachers and management helped the smooth functioning of this.

We have three bases. About three hundred students are using the facility. It run by the management of our school.

Our PET Teachers has been going football and hockey coaching for selected students of our school. Teacher uses extra time and holidays to conduct this. 140 students are attending the coaching camp.

The school is forming a fund to held poor students in our school. All students and teachers are donating to the fund every month. It is named cherukai sahayam. The deserving students are selected by the teachers of the school.

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