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Marhum Maulana Abdurahman Fazfari (Kutti Musaliyar) was a great wise man who dedicated his whole life for the empowerment and preaching of religion and its studies. In 1974 when he was the principal of one of the largest Muslim institution in south India which is located at Vellore named Vellore Bakiyath Swalihath Arabic College he expired. Many educational institutions were started by his disciples in the remembrance of Maulana Abdurahman Fazfari because they wanted to honor the teachings and moreover make those teachings useful to the next generations to come. In spite of being of being a great thinker and a Sufi preacher he is also author of many Arabic books like 'JAWAHIRUL ASHAAR' from his wise thoughts. There was a opinion of starting institutions in the name of the great author, poet, thinker and preacher Maulana Abdulkhadar Fazfari at Pallipurm (Fazfar).To make this dream come true a committee was formed. According to Indian societies act the committee was formed and their respective operations was stared. The first institution started by this committee in Fazfari educational complex was Maulana Abdulkhadar Fazfari Memorial Orphanage which still holds its head tall amongst the educational complex.

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